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We are the reliable law firm your family can always depend on

If you do not have a Green Card we will help you get one

A person without legal status still has the right to file a claim

We can handle all accident , personal injury and/or Medical malpractice cases

You can change your attorney at any time without harming your case in any way

We give 24 hours 7 days response to victims of medical
malpractices, personal Injury and accidents cases

We have decades of years proven track record of securing very huge monetary
settlements on behalf of our clients injured in various kinds of accidents.
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We represents clients
in a wide variety of matrimonial matters, which include divorce, separation, visitation, custody, maintenance, child support, Orders of Protection, Criminal and Family Court matters relating to the full spectrum of family related offenses, business valuations, pension analysis, adoptions and negotiations of property settlement agreements, and many more.

Simply put, if it falls anywhere within the broad definition of "Family Law" we do it.

DuvircesFor Example:

  • Contested & Uncontested Divorces

  • Collaborative Divorces

  • Equitable Distribution of Properties

  • Agreement & Arrangement

  • Enforcement, Adoption, Annulment

  • Debt Distribution

  • Order of Protection & Financial Investigation

  • Child Support & Visitation

  • Prenuptial/Nuptial as well as Post Nuptial Agreements

We believe in an aggressive representation and never accept the proposition that some things 'just are' and cannot be changed. It is our goal to make a difference in your matter, not just an appearance.

Please remember that divorce has become more and more complex. Often divorce cases require knowledge of other fields of law, such as criminal law, real estate, immigration laws, bankruptcy and commercial law. We have partners and associates who are immediately available for consultation in these areas of legal practice when needed. Also attorneys practicing in the fields of divorce and Family Law must frequently rely on outside experts to render opinions related to custody matters and appraise assets such as businesses, real estate, pensions and many more.

With over 90 years of combined experience in legal practice, we have developed relationships with experts in required disciplines (who are both knowledgeable in their fields and respected by the Courts), readily accessible to you for expert services.

Like everything else in life, your divorce or separation or other Family Law matter requires a plan of action consistent with goals that you set. From the beginning we will work with you to develop an approach focused on your goals, which we believe, will help meet those personal goals in the most effective and expeditious manner.

Families can have problems but, we can help. If you need legal assistance with divorce (contested or uncontested), prenuptial agreements (prior to marriage), child custody (joint or individual), establishing paternity, child visitation rights as it relates to (parents and grandparents), alimony (payments to spouse), child support, temporary orders of protection enforceable by police personnel, or other family law issues, we are the right choice for you.

If your spouse has any property inside or outside of the United States of America, you may have a legal right to make a claim on such property. In such cases, we will represent you in all contested and uncontested divorces related thereto, (including) custody issues, domestic partnerships, prenuptials, guardianships and adoptions.

We provide free and confidential initial evaluation. It is important to understand all the rights and options available to you. Call us today!

Our client-base is as diverse as their legal needs. We represent large corporations, banking institutes, small businesses and individuals. Our attention to detail and passion for the law has separated us from the pack and has made our firm a force to be reckoned with in the legal world.

Looking to the future, we strive to continue our tradition of aggressive, competent legal representation. We view it as our ongoing mission to persevere in helping our clients and their loved ones achieve justice and to act as a catalyst for the kind of change that provide justice to all!

We have earned a reputation for distinguished service by offering clients what they value, exceptional legal skills, quick response and practical solutions with the highest level of professional integrity.

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